Get a free sampler CD of mTropolis
Past Perfect
Get a free sampler cd or tape just pay $7.50 shipping and handling anywhere in the world.
Get a free evaluation copy of MicroSim DesignLab.
Ulti-Media Productions
Offering a free Shareware CD-Rom you just pay $5.50 to cover postage.
Diamond Head Software
Get a free 30 day evaluation CD of ImageBasic.
Through the Line
Free CD-Rom of Sharp Products.
Uniplex Software
Get a free 15 user document manager Cd, free 4-user internet e-mail system, and free Fast Facts.
Get a free CD demo of Espace Bulletin and Espace Legal
Safemate International
Get a free cd-rom explaining how and where accidents happen and how Safemate products can help.
Guru Oz
Get a free copy of a cd with Australian Art they just ask you pay $10 Australian for shipping.
Hervey Bay
Free Whale watching CD-Rom they just ask that you pay $10 shipping for anywhere in the world.
Birds Eye
Check out the promos section for a cd containing recipes and meal planning ideas. They do however ask $4.95 for shipping.
Racer Records
Offering a free music cd. They are currently out of the first release but theyplan to have a second release in March 1997. You can register now to receive that cd.
The Great Shot Glass Search
Send them a shot glass and they will send you a free CD.
Schools can get a free Dole 5 a day CD-Rom. Parents can get one for $14.95.
Macsyma Inc.
You can either download demos or contact them for the demos on disk or cd.
Metatex Corporation
Get The Metatec Corporation Profile disc which is a multimedia view of the company
You can download their free software or request a cd for just the shipping.
Get a free cd PC Systems CD for Scientists and Engineers!, free demos, and a free catalog.
CMS Distributing
Get a cd with over 500 PC games they just ask you pay the normal $5 shipping.
Tax Management, Inc.
Get free demos of their tax management programs on CD-Rom.
Get a free Benchmark CD-Rom to test your system just pay shipping and handling.$5 in the US, $6 in Canada, and $7 International.
Hewlett Packard
Get a CD with the latest technological advances on it.
Imaging Center
Get 5 free photo cd scans.
Career Toolbox
Free Cd of seminars and information to help you get your career moving. They want $4.95 shipping in the US and $9.95 outside the US.
Gyrus Systems
Get a free demo cd of their training programs.
Firstcom Music
Get a free FirstCom Music Demo CD kit.
Order your free RealObjects CD-Rom.
Aries Systems Corporation
Get a free Knowledge Finder Demo CD.
Get a free WebCD.
Pencil Pusher
Get a free CD of their tax programs.
Get an Oracle on NT free Trial CD-Rom they just ask you pay $15 shipping.
Electronic Tours
Will send a free copy of a complete interactive Yearbook from a major Texas High School to High Schools and Colleges free of charge.
Bay Networks
First 100 to fill out the form and request information get a free space fighter adventure game.
Intergraph Software
Get a free Imagineer evaluation CD for playing the game and a chance to win the full version.
TLA Records
Get a free CD of their music for filling out the survey.
Free Shareware CD-Rom but you have to pay shipping. $2 in the US. $4 outside the US.
A System of Life Institute
Get a free Wisdom of the Ages CD.
Information Transport Associates
Request a free multimedia introduction to mobile applications software development cd-rom.
Get a free demo CD of 3D Studio Max.
Travel Texas
Get a free Traveling Texas CD-Rom.
Free product Information CD-ROM.
Answer some questions about their site and get a free Titanic CD-ROM
Request information and a free CD.
Request a Total Entertainment Network CD. Get 5 free hours on the network and some cool shareware games. Windows 95 only.
Get an OS/2 Warp Interactive CDROM.
Octopus Technologies, Inc.
Get a free Octopus demo CD.
Now Software
Get a free copy of Now Up-to-Date demo CD.
Magic Cap
Download a demo or call and request a demo CD-Rom.
Learn and Play
Learn to play the Guitar Demo CD.
Get a free demo Intel Connected CD.
Fringe Multimedia, Inc.
Free Demo CD of their multimedia.
Focal Point
Get a free trial version of FocalPoint on CD-Rom.
Evolutionary Algorithm
Get a limited edition Demo Program of e and a mutlimedia tour of e.
European Union
Free Demo multimedia CD-Rom by Eur-Op.
Marinette County Home Page
Preorder your free copy of The Count on CD Rom.
Tektronix, Inc.
Free CD-Rom The Power of Color.
Apply '97
Free CD-Rom with actual applications with more than 500 colleges and universities.
Free CD with 10 sample animated gifs and 10 sample shockwave animations.
The Monotype Registry
Get a free monotype DTP resources CD.
Get a cd-rom filled with games and special MPlayer software.
Notesmail CD
Fill out the form and get a free demo copy of Lotus Notes Mail.
National Instruments
Get the Software Showcase which contains demos of their programs.
Lotus Notes
Order your Free Copy of the Lotus Notes Release 4 Working Model and Demo CD.
If you would like to receive a free copy of the Intergraph Visualization Diner Multimedia CD, fill out the form below. This multimedia presentation contains up-to-date information about Intergraph's Visualization applications, which you can easily browse using selectable graphics and quick navigation. In addition to the informative PowerPoint presentations describing the features of all the current Visualization products, you get a narrated self-running demonstration of each product's functionality.
Headbone Interactive
Get their new 1996 free sampler CD of children's software. U.S. ONLY.
The Stock Solution
Get a free stock photo catalog on Cd-Rom.
ITA Cd-Rom
Mobile Applications Software Development Cd-Rom
Edi Cd
Request a free Edi seminar on Cd-Rom.
Focal Point
Free CD-ROM. FocalPoint integrated communications software allows you to fax, exchange e-mail, access the Internet, transfer files, make phone calls, and manage voice mail all from one window on your PC. 
In Swedish.
Chrysler Cd
Register to receive a free demo CD. US ONLY.
The fabulous new Cognos CD-ROM is now available. It's loaded with videos, presentations, and literature about Cognos and its products (and even has some fun bits thrown in). 
Get a copy of their CD-Rom Guide to CD and Multimedia.
Intergraph's AEC CD-ROM
If you would like to receive a free copy of the Intergraph AEC World of Solutions CD, fill out the form. This multimedia presentation contains up-to-date information about Intergraph's AEC suite of applications, which you can easily browse using selectable graphics and quick navigation. In addition, informative PowerPoint presentations describing the features of many of AEC's products are included.
Intergraph's Electronics Multimedia
If you would like to receive a free copy of the Intergraph Electronics Multimedia CD, please fill out the form below. Minimum requirements: Intel i386 running Windows 3.1, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM.Sound requires a Sound Blaster-compatible sound card.
Lighthouse Designs
If you're interested in receiving a free CD-ROM of Lighthouse Design's evaluation software, please fill out the form. The demonstration software runs under the Intel, Motorola, HP PA-RISC, and SPARC versions of the NEXTSTEP operating system. 
Linux CD and Support Giveaway
Get free Linux CD's.
Logo Vista
Logo vista english to japenese sample cd.
Free educational CD-Rom.
Physical Chemistry Visualized
The Senses Bureau and the Wilson Group, at the University of California, San Diego, are pleased to offer a free CD-ROM containing hundreds of images and computer animations. These images were developed for a multimedia Physical Chemistry course, as described in the September 1994 issue of The Journal of Chemical Education. 
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