Harmful Scripts

These scripts do different things that aren't very nice, but they demonstrate the power that Javascript provides...

Warning Click At Your Own Risk

The Close button closes Netscape on you. Useful if, say, you wanted to have it masquerade as another function (like email or something)

Exploding Windows Bomb continously opens windows, over and over and over again. Sucking up memory resources.

The Annoying Windows Button continously prompts the user with whatever you put in the alert, which of course can be changed to whatever you want! Thus rendering the Netscape client useless to the user.

The Time Bomb sets up four timers which then calls itself to set up 4 more timers for each timer previously spawned. Watch the status bar to see how many times this function gets called.

The Reload Bomb forces the user to stay at the current page, by refreshing the page the smallest interval possible. Users will not be able to stop the reloading process by clicking stop or jumping to another page.

The While Loop Lock Bomb simply does a loop forever, effectively rendering Netscape clients useless.

The Eat Memory In Time slowly consumes as much memory as it can over time. It has been known to crash machines, increase swap file size, affect other programs, eat cpu time and making your machine run extremly slow.

The Form Action Bomb just plains crashes Windows'95 Netscape 2.0 clients.

The Flood Bomb, also similar to a while loop lock, you can send a special greeting to those who you do not allow access to your page by showing them by using this piece of code.

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