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Chess Live! Amazing! I'm at a loss for words! Play chess, chat, watch others play chess, challenge people, amazing! Go here, go here right now!!

JavaGammon The best Java "board game" on the Internet - so far -. You play with two people on a server. You can chat with the other person, if you're really bored you can play yourself on another browser window, and the graphics are great. You can even choose two play with sound or without!

Java Zoop! This is a really cool, addicting game. Play it now! The super colorful and detailed instructions are here. This is great! Even has cool music.

Tetris A super Tetris game. Just like the original. Easy to use, but for the Tetris experts, this might be a little too easy.

HangMan Wow, this is the best HangMan around. Cool sounds and tough words. Check this out!

Gobbler (PacMan) This is the best Java "Arcade Game" I've seem so far. The board setup is different from the original PacMan but the concept is the same. Also, the game runs very smooth!

Mine Sweeper A super game. Exactly like the windows game and it's just about as fast too!

Fred A 3d networked game. As you play with other people you can chat, shoot them, and view a visual map of where you are. The bad thing is it's really slow, but it's only version 0.1 so I think it will speed up.

PacMan Almost exactly like the original PacMan. The only bad thing is it's slow.

Board Games

Spiderman Puzzle A really cool puzzle. It's a slide puzzle and you have got to put together Spiderman.

Word Scramble You like word games? This is tough but fun and entertaining! Check it out!

Chinese Checkers Nice game! Has little sounds and good graphics. However the rules are a little different then I remember them.

Five-In-A-Row Game Try to get 5 dots in a row -- you WILL want to keep playing but the computer is really good!

Java Shogi I can tell that this game took a LONG time to make. Shogi is in both Japanese and English. But, I would only recommend it to Japanese who might know how to play this game. The instructions aren't too good.

OthellO Cool! Four playing fields and you can *chat* with other people. Would be 5 stars but you got to wait a while.

Play Checkers Play the computer or another player (also on your computer). You can see the source codes so it's good for beginners.

Motif Backgammon
A nice game for someone that wants to play a computer. But, this game is nothing too special. OthellO (Another one) This OthellO game is also very good. It tells you who is winning and who's turn it is - but you can only play the computer - unlike the other OthellO.

Lucky Chess An interesting game that can be very fun. The instructions are very detailed but the game is hard to understand unless you really study them.

Chess over the Internet Not a bad game but the computer doesn't play.
So, be sure to have someone else ready to play with on your computer.

Inner-tube: Shark!!! This game is not bad but the graphics aren't so good and it's nothing too special.

Card Games

Web Spades A great game. You can play with other people over the Internet, or you can play the computer. It's got good instructions and an easy inference.

Web Poker The best poker game on the Internet. Many different options, but you can't move the frames which makes playing the game a little tougher.

Net Cell Just like Free Cell for Windows. You have your own login name and a password to keep saved games.

Solitaire A standard solitaire game -- not bad

Black Jack 1 -- Casino style Black jack game

Solitaire a la Dave A different kind of solitaire than most people know.
If you want to learn a new game check it out!

Black Jack 2 -- Casino style Another black jack game.

A Poker Game A regular poker game. But, kind-of slow.

Black Jack 3 Yet, another black jack game. Not as good as the others. Loads VERY fast! Graphics are just normal and I can't figuar out how to re-start the game!

Arcade Games

Space Invaders The best space invaders Java game on the net! Just like the real one - the invaders even move faster as they get closer like the original!

Frogger Frogger - try to run across the traffic and then over the river. Just like the real game but it's hard to time things because it's not too smooth.

The Java Pinball Game Wow, great sounds and cool graphics.
Still under some construction

Universe XOR A fun, addictive game!
Source code $100

BodyCount A pretty addicting game. It's a great way to practice your mouse accuracy, by shooting down the bad guy and not the good one.

StarBase A good game. Almost a 4 star except for one thing. There's not enough to do. You can't more, only twist. And you run out of ammo very fast. But, the game loads VERY fast!

Breakout (Bricks) This game is just like bricks. But there is no sound which is a major disappointment. Another bad thing is that if you move the board to fast it tends to "split apart". A neat thing is that the score is at the bottom of the screen - play the game to see what I mean.

Galaxian This is a fun game where you get to shoot the little alien people. It's got nice graphics, good sounds, and even keeps score. The problem with this game is that it blinks and it's hard to see who you are shooting and who's shooting you.

Java Pinball 1 Good idea and nice layout.
But, the sounds aren't too good.

JAVAasteroids A bare bones version of Asteroids - in development. NOTE: Works best with Netscape 3.0. Might crash with 2.0 or 2.01.

JAVAvaders A cool space invaders game. Very close to the original space invaders. NOTE: Works best with Netscape 3.0. Might crash with 2.0 or 2.01.

Whack The Aliens Like the Whack-A-Beaver but nicer graphics. A good game for kids because it takes a long time to lose.

Whack A Beaver A nice idea but could have been much better, though there are sounds. This game is kind-a like the arcade game where you whack the alligator.

Rocks in Space Remember Asteroids?

Misc Games

Mr. Potato Head A very interesting game. Hey, it's Mr. Potato Head. Also comes in a non-Java version!

Fish Tac Toe Just like Tic Tac Toe but you play with fish - even has sounds! For a fun challenge - play Fish Tac Toe!

The Great Reality Caper Amazing graphics!

Tic Tac Toe A great Tic Tac Toe game. It's got sound and the graphics can't get much better, for Tic Tac Toe.

Cadmus Air Assault Your mission... shoot all the planes down! Good luck... but this gets very boring after a while. The graphics and sounds are great!

Blocks Just like Tetris - nothing special. But it is a great game for people that like Tetris.

Key Blast! Are you a good key typist?
Play this game and be one of the top ten!

Ka-Boom! This game is a nice idea. But, once you get the hang of it - after about 2 min. - you have mastered it.

The Domino Applet Real slow, but if you like Dominos, you might think it's worth the wait.

Scorpion Roundup It has graphics and some sounds but it the net used to catch the little scorpions don't follow your cursor.

Virtual Rubik's Cube This would be a good game but I can't figure out how to mix the cube up! It's already put together - all you can do is spin it - which is pretty fun for a little while :)

Balances A text based game

Mini-Zork Another text based game. For a whole background *story* of this game, check this out. Java Sokoban Still beta testing, so it's not too good yet.

All Lights This is a Japanese Java Game.
So if you know Japanese you should like it!

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