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Note: You may run across a page that does not have its web server set up correctly. If so, clicking on a .mp3 file will start a text file transfer. If you use Netscape, a text transfer of binary data produces garbage on the screen. If you try to save to file by shift-clicking or right-clicking, the file will be saved as a text file (garbage as far as Winplay3 is concerned). Netscape users have little recourse except to complain to the keepers of these sites. Internet Explorer users fare better: they don't seem to have a problem downloading files from these sites. If you pale at the thought of junking Netscape for Microsoft's offering, and are very intent on playing or saving that clip, you can use Winplay3 to connect directly to the URL by using the 'Play Location' menu item. Be sure to play the .mp3 file, not the referring .m3u file. If you use a PC, you might find useful a small MS-DOS program called uncook.exe written by Jussi Vainionpää (Kiitoksia avusta) to remove the line feeds from a file downloaded from one of these problem sites. The syntax for this program is "uncook input.mp3 output.mp3"

The webmaster has several options to correct the problem: he can link to an FTP server instead of to an HTTP server, he can 'zip' the file (which most web servers will handle properly), he can use a CGI script to handle the transfer transaction, he can acknowledge the problem and tell you to use Internet Explorer or Winplay3 directly (not a satisfactory solution in my view), or the best way is simply to add the .mp3, .m3u, and .mp3url MIME mappings to his server configuration file. Refer to Fraunhofer's site for examples of what to add for certain servers (I emailed my ISP, who uses the Apache server, and he added the extensions, no sweat). Sites that have not been properly configured are designated in the Description section in red.


Site Date Added Description
House of the Rising Punk
Lots of Punk/Hardcore cuts. One of the early adopters of the MP3 format -- his postings on were my first exposure to this format.
MPEG Audio Zone - The Music Shoppe
Midi of the Week Remixes, Personal Music Compositions, and CD Recordings of favorite music. Dave has set up a page devoted to modem-rate streaming here, and you can search his site at this link. This is a good-looking page -- one of my favorites.
TEK 10/11/96 TEK is now a private site. Read about TEK's plight: they are one of the first victims of "The Man".
Dionysus' MP3 Archive 10/11/96 This MP3 Archive is in no way related to the MP3 Archive. Large collection of files.
finest's MPEG Audio
Dance/Techno files; links to other mp3 sites; links to Audioactive (mp3) and Real Audio Internet radio staions.
DRIFT Music Productions
Need music for an application, presentation, advertisement, or personal use? Sample some of the music made by DRiFT. Features some 16 kbit/s streaming music.
Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive
Can't get enough Smashing Pumpkins? Better go here.
The Realm of Soft Delusions 6 May -97
The most complete collection of Smashing Pumpkins sounds on the net?
New World Music
Samples from selected CDs.
interWAVE - Music/CDs
"It's an 'uplifting' music - ambiental, mellow, melodic with energetic rythms, imaginative and refreshing. It gives us positive energy and possibility to meet new emotions..."
Trancentral - Passage to Goa 11/3/96 Trance/Goa/Ambient. Streaming 11kHz-sampled, 16kbit/s sounds. You may have transfer problems.
Dance Music Sound Clips
Charm Farm, Kellee, Safety Groove, and others.
Other links (from Aska's JukeBox)

hasup's AOD Linx

Everybody I looked here had MP3 files to offer. You will have to wade through some Korean-character pages, though. Korea must have a lot of high-speed (128kbs) links, because they describe these sites as being "Audio On Demand." I have provided a couple links in case one site happens to be down.
PiZZa's Pops for the Old 11/3/96 One of the sites from the above Korean links. Has some pop songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
Curmudgeon Sound Gallery
Music by Nirvana. Another Nirvana page goes by the unlikely name of G.I.C. (Geeks with charvels).
The 80s European New Wave Music
Check back every week for a new song.
The Hi-Fi Gaming Page
Video game music. Another site for video game music is at Game A/V samples. The Video Game MPEG Music Archive seems to be highly regarded by video game music enthusiasts.
Armitage's Dimension 10/19/96 Armitage has been forced to remove some copyrighted mp3 material and severely choke down its FTP access. There are a few files at Sho's Anime and Video-Game music page.
PHADE Software
Do the file names: Haustor, Dubdruck, Inconsistent, and Medicine mean anything to you? Those are some of the music files at this site.
Victor's home for music fans 10/11/96 (No mp3 files) Info, results of a personal layer 3 audio test, and lots of links, many that may not be included in my own!
AMPnet - Audio Samples 10/27/96 A.M. Prophecy On-line.
Thread WWW Page 10/31/96 "Thread is the river, the tree, love and hate. Thread is the association, the metaphor, the abstract connection between tangible and intangible." 24 kbit/s music streams. You may have transfer problems.
mpx FTP site in Australia 11/7/96 A Smorgasbord of multimedia files: mp3, au, wav, xm, jpg
Mitch's Cybertunes 11/7/96 The author's goal is to obtain work composing video game soundtracks. These are short (about 20sec) clips
Peanut Butter Industries 11/9/96 "The only web page that won't irritate your stomach....."
Foo Fighters Audio Page 11/9/96 MP3 and RealAudio 3.0
Modern FX 11/17/96 Mostly 16kbit/s streams, although you may have transfer problems, since it appears that .m3u files are served up as text files.
gumbyman's list of songs 11/27/96 List of MP3 files available upon request
Metallica MPEG Audio Layer III 12/08/96 Screaming Audio of Metallica. For FTP links to Metallica files, visit the MetallicA goes mp3 site. At the Machine Head site, you can find Machine Head, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, and others.
The Ultimate MP3 Archive!!! 12/08/96 Rap Files.
Yesoteric 12/09/96 Rare Yes tracks.
Roft's MPEG3 Music 12/17/96 Lots of stuff
MP3 Files on MordorWEB 12/20/96 Bush, Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam, Soundtracks
BuSteRs WaCkEd ouT MuSiC 12/20/96 A site dedicated to Parody Music. Another parody site is called The CHICAGO BULL Clinton/Gone Erection '96 Parody Page.
Crapshoot 12/30/96 Songs from "In Through the Outhouse"
The Incredible Sound Clip Page 12/30/96 A few sounds having to do with "The Incredible Hulk"
MPEG layer 3 12/30/96 A few songs.
Audioactive on the Web 1/4/97 MPEG layer 3 is finally being marketed as a competing streaming audio format! Telos and Macromedia (Shockwave) are leading the way. If you have Winplay3 or the Audioactive player setup as a helper app in your browser, you can listen to a realtime broadcasts of:
WMJI-FM in Cleveland, featuring original rock and rhythm and blues recordings from the 50's, 60's and early 70's: 28.8 connection; stereo ISDN connection.
WCLV-FM in Cleveland, classical music: 28.8 connection; stereo ISDN connection.
WCSB in Cleveland, the radio station of Cleveland State University: 28.8 connection
KSHE-FM Rock and Roll in St. Louis, Missouri: 28.8 connection
Yesterdayusa Superstation - the program goes live most nights at 10:30EST when Bill Bragg reads listener mail, communes with birds, and explains life: 28.8 connection
Depeche Mode Audio Files 1/9/97 Depeche Mode, and also some Smashing Pumpkins
KKEG 92.1 - Jocks Online 1/9/97 Sample clips of Disk Jockies at work at a Classic Rock station. You may have transfer problems. The Bobby Oh! Home page features "Voice talent and beyond! Commercial, Industrial, TV and Radio Station Imaging. Voice only or Fully Produced."
Clubhits - Dance Express - Playlist 1/9/97 E-Type, Prodigy, Rob Tissera, and others.
Ratlhead's Megadeth Music/Lyrics Page 1/12/97 Hard to get Megadeth Songs. Also visit Ratlhead's MD.45 Site.
Mp3's Mp3's and more Mp3's 1/12/97 Andrew's MP3 page, with a variety of files
Prodigy MP3 Page 1/12/97 Lots of Prodigy files. There are lots of Prodigy songs in MP2 and MP3 format at The Prodigy music... site as well. You may have transfer problems at the latter site.
cinema trailers page 1/25/97 Looking for those THX trailers as full-frequency wav's or mp3 in 128kbit/s format? Look no further! (not available during weekdays: too much traffic)
MP3 Mp3 - The Player's Club - M3u M3u 1/25/97 Rap, alternative, rock, pop, dance, metal
Cool Stuff 1/25/97 Many mp3's, an interactive request forum, and a list of popular FTP sites.
MP3 FTP Site Search Form 2/2/97 Looking for an easy way to fill up your hard disk? Try this site. Another, more generalized search form is the FTP search v3.3 page. Use ".mp3" to search.
Eurodance Archives MP3 FTP Search 5 May -97 Also has a Archive of Eurodance songs.
Gimme's original mp3 files 2/2/97 Original material written by Kimmo Pitkanen, the webmaster.
Inifinite Productions Midi & Sequencing 2/10/97 Midi songs encoded as mp3, to preserve the sequencer's intent
Junior's Junction 2/10/97 Jeffrey Harrington's home page. If that initial graphics dump is too much for you, head for Junior's Junction's Music.
hager's FTP site 2/10/97 Mainstream artists.
MP3 Encoded Audio Files 2/16/97 Removed at behest of The Man.
NhimkaR's Erasure Haven 2/16/97 Erasure songs
The best of MUSIC page *Jan-Carel * 2/16/97 MP3 top 6 of these two weeks.
Chris' MP3 Collection 2/16/97 One of the sites. Another is Ian's Home Page.
Cure mp3 archive 2/16/97 The Cure songs.
ncsu ftp site 2/16/97 From Adam Sandler to Weird Al. There's some real music in there too.
Particles! - The Webpage 2/16/97 Lots of links to other sites, ftp in particular. Some songs, but you may have transfer problems.
Welcome to The MP3 Audio World! 2/16/97 (No mp3 files) No "Bag o' Shite" sites listed here, thank you.
Jason's page V5.0 2/21/97 Tina Arena, Tommy Emmanuel. You may have transfer problems.
5 Pieces for Piano 2/25/97 5 Classical piano pieces, played by the webmaster, Stefan Scheller. Also listen to Stefan's voice change as he went through puberty!
MP3 Rulez! 2/25/97 Collection of dance & techno songs (Prodigy, Dune, RMB...).
Frühstyxradio - Die Sendung 3/6/97 Frühstyxradio online: comedy spots from private German radio station FFN. Will be updated every Sunday. This site is written in German, and the clips are also in German. This is the first site I've seen that uses the MMP format.
The MP3 Gig 3/6/97 Appropriately named site: currently almost 1.5 Gbytes of files
Zeno's Kitchen 3/6/97 nj & les, Zeno Jones, Street Walker, Jane Begley FTP site 3/6/97 mostly mainstream songs
Wavs-A-Million 3/6/97 Despite its title, this site does have some MP3s. FTP site 3/15/97 No Country, Religious, or Christian Contempory, please
MP3 - MPEG Audio Layer 3 3/15/97 (No mp3 files) Features a long list of FTP sites
Weird Al Music Archive 3/15/97 That's right. Weid Al Yankovich. The webmaster has a weird way of making sure files download properly - he names the mp3 files with a .wav extension!
MP3-Sound-Archive 3/24/97 Segments from various Movies and TV programs. So far, there's stuff from the Star Wars trilogy.
Mpeg3 Info & links page 3/24/97 (No mp3 files) "The Official MPEG3 web page,". This is a good general info site, with short blurbs on many of the helper apps that have sprung up around Winplay3.
Junaidi and Uthen's Homepage 3/24/97 Looking for those hard to find Indonesian songs? Look no further than this site. You may have transfer problems.
Ska Ska Ska!! 3/24/97 A lot of stuff, including Ska, but no requests for Country or cRap, please.
MP3 Software Page .. Supporting #MPEG3 on Efnet .. 3/24/97 Is That an MP3 in Your Pants? Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? The IRC channel #MPEG3 on EFnet is frequented by many of the authors of Winplay3 add-ons. This page was made in support of them.
Crow Jane 4/6/97 Listen to some tracks from Crow Jane's soon to be released CD.
Brotherhood Music & bpm 4/6/97 Listen to an original track by the group BPM © 1997 by Martin Eklund.
Piece of Shit 4/6/97 SEPULTURA777 (phuckin homepage)
sailor moon mp3's 4/15/97 What more of a description do you want?
Song of the Day 4/15/97 Song in RealAudio and mp3 format
The Consortium -- Digital Audio & More FREE 4/15/97 Troy McKinnon's MP3 archive - very large and fast
Welcome to the House of VeeGroup 4/15/97 List of the top 25 songs in MP3 format according to the Internet Top 50 Charts.
Mpeg 3 on Macs! 3/6/97 A site dedicated to those poor souls given short shrift in the world of layer 3. Specific instructions on how to create .mp3 files using Mac software.
Macintosh MPEG-3 Audio Information 4/30/97 Written by ICube with help from Xerxes.
MP3 - Mac and PC information, programs and more 4/30/97 Yet another in a growing list of Mac MP3 pages.
Vamp Home Page 4/30/97 Freeware mp3 player for the Power Mac.
MacAmp -- MPEG3 for the Macintosh 4/30/97 "The definitive MPEG Audio Layer 3 player for the Macintosh"
Mpecker MP3 Encoding/Playing Software for Power Macintosh 4/30/97 Freeware Player and encoder (!) for the Mac.
SoundApp Home Page 4/30/97 Another Freeware player for the Power Mac.
Splay Homepage 4/30/97 A player for linux.
xmp3player Homepage 4/30/97 A front-end for Splay.
TK3PLAY: MPEG Audio Player 4/30/97 Front-end for mpg123
SiteZero Australian Music and Cult Videos. 4/30/97 Australian site featuring streaming audio samples.
Welcome to the Bird Cage 4/30/97 Not just the same old recycled stuff -- but if I know the Web, they are likely to be shortly.
KORNYPHONE 5/5/97 Rock and Roll Babylon: Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Dead Kennedys, and others
Justin Case - The Band Online 5/5/97 A selection of tracks from their recently recorded CD, "Liquid & Arriving." You may have transfer problems.
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