ZDNet Internet Life Magazine
They will give you a free copy for filling out the form. If you like it pay the bill otherwise mark cancel on the bill and return it.
Internet Voyager
Get a free sample issue and a free book.
Magazines and Newletters for Lifestyles
A list of some different magazines you can call to request.
Netscape Newsletter
Get a free sample issue
Exotic Market Review
This is a newsletter for people who deal with exotic animals.
Ratite Marketplace
This is a newsletter for people in the Ratite Industry.
Owner Breeder
Get a free sample issue of Owner-Breeder Magazine. This is a magazine for horse owners and breeders.
The Nightshift Initiative
Get a free issue of Shiftworkers News. You can fax or snail-mail for a copy just be sure to mention The Nightshift Initiative.
The Skeptic
This UK magazine takes a skeptical look at psuedoscience and paranormal claims. This offer is available to UK and Europe residents only.
Technology Review
Get a free sample issue. This magazine is about how technology is changing our lives and new technology.
Thomas Telford Publications
You can request free sample issues of any of their journals. These journals are for civil engineers, mechanical engineers and related fields.
Computer Data Storage Newsletter
A Monthly report in english on the worldwide magnetic and optical tape and disk industry. Get a free sample issue by e-mailing.
Springhouse Corporation Journal
You can e-mail, fax, snail mail, or telephone for a free journal issue.
Running a Profitable Web Site
Get free newsletters that give you information on how to make your web site profitable.
The Frugal Gazette
Get a free issue of this newsletter for people who are trying to save money. The Gazette even lists free offers.
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Relocatable Business
Fill out a form to get a free sample issue and information.
Worldwide Business Briefings
Fill out a form and request a free sample issue.
Tareef Attar's Job Hunting Page
Free sample of 'Who's Who in Recru' the Directory of Canadian Recruters.
Homepage Jump Station
Some free sample issues.
Earth's Best
Free issue of Earth's Best Baby Food Newsletter.
Free Magazines
Listing of magazines you can get for free.
Free Stuff Newsletter
Information on getting a free issue.
Health News Naturally
Request a free issue of Health News Naturally.
Healthy Choice
Get a free issue of Choices for Living magazine and download a free demo of Lifeform Personal Health Management Software.
Fill out a form to get 3 free issues. If you like it costs $14.97 for 12 more issues 15 in all or if you don't like just mark Cancel on the bill and send it back.
Paper Magazine
Register and receive a free issue of Paper Magazine.
The Net
Get a free sample issue of the Net if you like it subscribe otherwise mark cancel on the bill and return it.
Yahoo Internet Life
Get a free isssue. Keep it if you like it or mark cancel on the bill if you don't.
The Dick E. Bird News
Request a free sample of their birding newspaper.


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